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22 Ton Aircraft Ground Electric Air Conditioner

This ground unit is used to supply air conditioning to large aircraft while on the ground. It can be used in many other cooling applications such as to cool offices, warehouses, theaters, tents, and a variety of ongoing or emergency cooling needs. The unit is operated outside, while the chilled air is transmitted quietly to the area to be cooled via two 8" diameter accordion like insulated ducts/hose (not-included).

The unit has a 22 ton cooling capacity and is powered by a 40 HP electric motor which drives the compressor and a 30 HP motor which drives the blower. The unit has a large compressor that just won't stop. We have, subject to prior sale, a 230/460 Volt, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, 4 Wire, powered Air Conditioner and a 380 volt 50 Hz powered Air Conditioner.

All gases have been removed from the units prior to shipment as required by law. The unit uses 130 lbs. of R-22, R134A, or 409A refrigerant unless your country still allows R-12 (We also have a Diesel Driven model of this air conditioner. Buyers that have purchased one of these air-conditioners usually order additional units. Call our Tech Support Desk 800 621-2405 with any questions before ordering.

The unit is "as received" from the government and will only need minor repairs and servicing. It is sold FOB Chicago or Joliet, Illinois where we have them stored. Each unit weighs about 4 Tons, contact us for locations and we'll also give you the shipping cost. Overall dimensions are 147" length (tow bar stored) by 77.5" wide by 76" height. The units are approximately 478 cu ft each, and we ship the units one (1) per 20' container or three (3) per 40' container, which is much more economical. The photos are of typical units, Military Model M32C-5 Part number 62001-100.

Your price $4,150.00 plus shipping.