25 KW 2 Bearing Alternator


25 KW 2 Bearing Alternator

Air cooled, brushless, ball bearings. Made by Louis Allis Co., Western Electric Co. Spec. No. KS15994L2. 120/208 or 127/220volts, 3 phase, 60Hz., l500RPM. Originally labeled 16KVA, 1 phase, 230 volts, cant. duty. Internally reconnected for 3 phase, 4 wire output Exciter volts 65, amps  0.5 use with solid state exciter regulator, such as Basler VR63-4.

2-1/2" dia, shaft with keyway.

Overall dim: 41" L., 21" W.

Shipping Weight: 1260lbs

Item No. EG-25LA Price: $950.00